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You have found the best cloth facemasks on the market:

Quadruple Protection
Four layers over your mouth and nose - two cotton and two polyester to absorb droplets and block particles

Superior Fit
Dual coated copper wires across the bridge of your nose, side pleats at your jaw, and some with additional elastic and/or pleats under your chin

Soft fabrics, great fit, convenient fasteners - you won't mind wearing a mask!

Safe in high temperatures in the washer and dryer, and durable enough to wash as often as you need

Innovative Fastener
Unique "All-In-One" Lanyard and Earloops combination for flexible wearing options (over or under the ears). Your option of elastic with cord lock, or non-stretch either tied or with a cord lock, all fully adjustable.

Front shaping over the nose and mouth create more breathing space than standard surgical masks.

No more stuffing your mask in your pocket, or hanging it from one ear when you need to take it down from your face. The built-in lanyard on all BG Masks keeps them secure right where you need them.

Highest Quality
Clean edges, finished seams, and durable construction.

Bespoke Options
If you don't see a design combination that speaks to you in our store, visit our Bespoke pages and contact us to design a mask especially for you.