The All-In-One Earloop and Lanyard

Introducing the ultimate solution for

keeping a mask on your face while you're wearing it ...

without losing it when you need to take it down.

Stretch Cord

(Elastic or Spandex)

Ear Loops

Under the Ears

Cord Lock

Fabric Cord

(Coordinated with Front Fabric)

nst 1-2 under.jpg

Ear Loops

Under the Ears


BG Masks All-In-One provides the greatest in comfort, fit, versatility, and security.

  • Stretch or fabric cords slide through side bands to adjust tightness and positioning at the sides of the face - no more side gaps, or ears pulled down by too-tight loops.

  • Cords are attached at the back of your neck, so it's quick and easy to take it down and put it back on - no need to hang it from one ear, or stuff it in a pocket, or risk losing it entirely by putting it down somewhere.

  • Side bands can be pulled tight, collapsing the ear loops, and the cord can be worn under the ears, so it doesn't interfere with glasses, earbud cords or even some hairstyles - or just for comfort if you are prone to chafing around the ears.

  • Both versions are fully adjustable, with a sliding cord lock on the Stretch version, or simply tied on some of the Fabric versions.

Faces come in all shapes and sizes, multiplied by the factor of the countless preferences of their owners. If you don't think the All-In-One is right for you, let us know. We are all about customization and collaboration, so please share your ideas with us on the BG Bespoke form