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BE AWARE: On this site, you will probably encounter notions and attitudes that are strongly in favor of:

  • Kindness

  • Individuality

  • Creativity

  • Community-mindedness

  • Intelligent, Rational, and Well-Informed Judgement and (of course!):

  • Masks!


If these are compatible with your own belief system, please come on in (and let us know if we can better represent these values).


If you do not agree with these values, this site is not for you.

​Privacy Policy

  1. At BG & ME Creations we do not sell or share any personal information about our visitors to external parties.

  2. The site (powered by sets certain cookies to enhance functionality and allow for tracking of visitors' general locations, page views, referring sites, etc. This does not include any personal information about you individually.

  3. The only personal information we have about you is what you choose to share with us, such as what you might include in emails, forms, or other features that might be added to the site. This information will only be used internally to BG&ME (see #1 above).

  4. If you have any concerns or need more information about this policy, please contact us.


BG & ME Creations - specifically BG Mask Designs - make no claim that our products provide any level of protection against airborne infections, nor that they conform to any particular formal standards, nor any medical or legal claims.

We encourage our visitors to do their own research, and consult medical professionals as necessary, to determine the level of protection appropriate to themselves. Any references on this website to the CDC, the WHO, or any other medical publications available online are mentioned strictly in the context of our own development process with the masks.